Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My slippers are gone again!!!

So picture this. You're sitting at the breakfast table. You've just finished your eggs, read the classified, and downed the last of your now-lukewarm coffee. You feel the need to head to the bathroom and perform your morning ritual. Your ensocked feet feel around for the slippers that you left under your chair. And dammit, they're gone again! Stolen by the well known but never seen slipper swipers. What to do?

Oh, doesn't anyone have an answer?

At last your pleas are heard. Introducing the Anti-theft slipper. They not only come with little rings at the heels into which you can slip your chair legs, but if someone (such as a family pet, two-year-old, or resident munchkin) steals said slippers, a horrifying alarm will sound, sending your blissful Sunday morning into turmoil.

Someone invented it, so someone will buy it.

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