Friday, April 21, 2006

Recycling Computer parts

CNET had an interesting set of articles on computer and electronics recycling today. It started with a brief (and not nearly descriptive enough)description of a tour of the HP computer recycling center, which contains shredders the size of houses that canother article called "Trash Your Old Tech", with descriptions and details on what options are out there for safely and effectively recycling everything from computers and monitors to inkjet carts and PDA's. Very useful information. I think more people should take this sort of thing into account. It's nice to hear, for example, that several of the big injet printer companies provide free take-back programs for old printers. I wish I had thought to look into that before I tossed my old one six months ago. And, going forward, I'm going to make sure to recycle my ink carts, because there just ain't no reason not to.

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